Surround yourself with the boats you love and find your way to sea more often.

Half Hull Prints

A few years ago, when I purchased our 1978 Bristol 35.5C, I scoured the internet in search of a rendering that matched our boat. Just something to hang in the den to celebrate our new on-the-water home. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but along the way, I became inspired by the technical drawings I found from traditional marine artists and the simple elegance of the classic half-hull models that popped up during my search. Being an illustrator and a graphic designer by trade, I set out to create exactly what I wanted. The result? A modern blend of a traditional yacht illustration and a classic half-hull model fashioned into a high-quality print.

I started Dogwatch Art Co. to make high-quality custom half-hull prints beautiful, accessible, and affordable so mariners like you could showcase their own boats. What we hang on the walls of our homes is a reflection of what we value most. My hope is that when you surround yourself with the boats you love, you’ll find your way to sea more often.

– Founder, Michael Boardman

Our products are personalized.

Most products in our catalog can be personalized, and all are produced one at a time just for you. We recongize that every yacht has something that makes it special, even those that are similar, and every reason for purchase is unique. We add opportunities for personalization to celebrate these differences.

We are eco-conscious.

We only print and manufacture on-demand, and with vendors who put sustainability first. On-Demand manufacturing in itself is about as sustainable as it gets. Producing products on demand eliminates the need to buy and hold on to stock that may or may not end up being used. Zero inventory, zero waste.

We are authentic.

I understand that our love for sailing connects us. The activity of sailing unlocks our sense of adventure when we wander, our competitive nature when we race, our laughter when we gather as friends, and our awe when we marvel at the boats that surround us. It's from this perspective that I create products for Dogwatch Art Co., products that I think both you and I will enjoy.